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International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences (IJRASS)

Impact Factor:

2.9856   Global Institute of Scientific Information (GISI 2015)

0.302     Global Impact Factor (2013)


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Volume 1, Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2009




Perceived Levels Of Job Involvement As A Predictor Of Withdrawal Behaviours Of Public Service Employees In Nigeria - Uzondu Christian Nwachinemere


Icons of Leadership in Incarnation Theology: A Challenge to Political Leadership in Nigeria - Ituma Ezichi Anya


Rural-Urban Migration And Agricultural Development In Nigeria - Iruonagbe Tunde Charles


Fiscal Federalism: The Bane of Socio-Economic and Political Development in Nigeria - Ugwu Sam


Christian Religious Leaders as Agents of National Development in Nigeria - Ejenobo David T.


A Human Rights Perspective to a Responsible and Accountable Land Ownership and Use in Niger Delta - Ahiamadu Amadi


Rural Development And Socio-Cultural Associations In Nigeria: Findings From Urhoboland, Delta State, Nigeria - Akpomuvie Orhioghene Benedict


Inter-Religious Conflicts And Crisis Of Development In Nigeria: Who Benefits? - Ezeibe Christian Chukwuebuka


Global perspectives on multilingualism: Concepts, issues, problems and prospects pertaining to Igbo - Nkamigbo Linda Chinelo


Utilization Of Instructional Materials In Distance Education Programmes In Nigeria - Ebirim Ugomma & Okenwa Gertrude


The Church And Presidential Democracy: Political Party Elections In Igboland, 1979-2003 - Eze Jonas


Labour And Nation-Building In Nigeria; 1979-1983 - Eze Okonkwo Christopher


Financing Adult And Non-Formal Education In Anambra State - Ebirim Ugomma And Chuke Ngozi


Orphans And Vulnerable Children: Implications For Social Work Practice In Nigeria - Ngwu Christopher Ndubisi


Community-Based Tourism Development In Selected Villages In Enugu State, Nigeria - Okonkwo Emeka E. and Odum Chigozie. J


Divorce And The Challenges Of Children Upbringing In The Contemporary Family Life - Onwuka Chukwujekwu C


Funding in the Local Government System as a Strategy for Sustainable Rural Development in Nigeria - Ovaga Okey H


A Preliminary Report On Recent Archaeological Field School On Iron Working Sites In Nsukka Plateau: Onyohor, Ekwegbe And Obimo, Nigeria - Itanyi E.I.  And Okonkwo, Emeka E


Pathways For Harnessing The Tourism Potential Of Natural And Cultural Sites And Features On The Nsukka Okigwe Cuesta - Livinus Chikpandu Ekechukwu


Faith-Based Activities And Their Tourism Potentials In Nigeria - Okonkwo Emeka E.  And Nzeh C. A


Radio Drama And Development - Nda Ubong S.


Politics And Class Analysis In Nigeria - Adilieje Chuma, Igwiro Nnedinma and Adagonye Osoku


Ethnographic Application in Igbo Communication: A Study of Selected Communities - Obiora Thecla


Women Empowerment As An Effective Strategy For Enhancing The Community Management Of Developmental Projects In Enugu State - Obetta K. Chukwuemeka


Local Government Community-Participation In Execution And Management Of Development Projects - Amujiri Benjamin A


Ethnographic Spotlight on Motherhood for Sustainable Human Development in the Niger Delta: The Case of Etche People - Iheanacho Ngozi


The Nigerian Art Scene: Patrons And Patronage - Obodo Eva


Evaluation of the Practice of Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law in a Democracy: A Case of Nigeria, 1999-2009 - Eme Okechukwu Innocent


Perception of Child Labour in South Eastern Nigeria: A Study of Onitsha Metropolis - Okoye Uzoma O. & Tanyi Perpetua L


Art Workshop Centres In Nigeria: Issues And Problems - Chukueggu Chinedu C


Globalization, An Opportunity Or A Threat: A Critical Commentary - Ozy B. Orluwene


Case Studies of Family Care for Sufferers of Alcoholism in Delta State, Nigeria - Christian Ewhrudjakpor


A Critical Study Of Richard Rorty’s Post-Philosophic Culture - Francis O.C. Njoku



Volume 2, Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2010




Pathways For Harnessing The Tourism Potential Of Natural And Cultural Sites And Features On The Nsukka Okigwe Cuesta - Livinus Chikpandu Ekechukwu


Social Context of Biblical Feminism in African Igbo Christology - Ezichi Anya Ituma


Federalism And The Challenges Of Nation-Building In Nigeria - Olusegun Adeyeri


The Role Of Philanthropic Organisations In Enhancing Leadership - Malachy Ikechukwu Okwueze


Kidnapping For Ransom In Nigeria As A Revolutionary Effect Of Capitalism In Africa - Benjamin C. D. Diara


Religious Status And Affiliation As Factors On Attitudes On Abortion - Chinedu Ugwu


A Critical Appraisal Of Rural Poverty In Nigeria - Ugomma Ebirim


Federal Character Principle And Nationality Question In Nigeria - Christian Chukwuebuka Ezeibe


The Value Of Ignorance: A Philosophical Perspective - G. C. Abiogu


Tone and Syllable Structure in Jàbà - Linda Chinelo Nkamigbo               


Democracy, Godfatherism And The Problem Of Accountability And Responsible Leadership In Nigeria - Ejikeme Jombo Nwagwu


The Contribution Of Labour Towards The Restoration Of Civilian Rule in Nigeria, 1993-1999 - Okonkwo C. Eze


Effect of Communicative Method on Students’ Interest in Igbo Letter Writing - Monica Obiageli Omeje


L’analyse Du Role Des Personnages Feminins Dans Le Theatre De Djibril Tamsi Et Jean Pliya - Stella Omonigho


Synonyms in Igbo Language - Thecla Obiora


Television Drama and Development - Ubong S Nda


Preserving The Archaeological Records In Nsukka Cultural Zone - Joshua Okenwa Uzuegbu


Sociolinguistic Implications of Politeness Strategies in the Bible: A Pragmatic Analysis - Ifeoma Magriter Nweze


Political Corruption And The Dilemma Of Democracy In Nigeria’s Fourth Republic - J. Adele Bamgbose


Culture And Child Abuse In Nigeria - Charity N. Uzuegbu


Community Management: An Effective Strategy For Enhancing The Sustainability Of Community Development In Udenu Local Government Area Of Enugu State - K. Chukwuemeka Obetta


Bringing The Real World Into The Classroom: A Communicative Approach To The Teaching Of Reading And Writing Skills Of The English Language - P.A. Ezema


The Challenge of Online Newspaper Phenomenon to Offline Newspaper Patronage and Revenue in Nigeria - Nnanyelugo Okoro & Christian Tuotamuno Diri


The Role Of Art In Religious Practice: Art And Christianity - Eva Obodo


The Social Construction of Reality: Analytical Study of the Effect of Nollywood Movies - Church S. Akpan & Chukwudi J. Anyianuka


African Value Systems And The Impact Of Westernization: A Critical Analysis - Chinyere Isaac Madukwe & H. N. Madukwe


The Land Question And Agricultural Production Among Women In Ozalla Community, Edo State, Nigeria - Tunde Charles Iruonagbe


Globalization And Its Impacts On Textile Industry’s Export Performance In The Nigerian Economy 1980 – 2007 - (An Error Correction Approach) - Margaret A. Loto


Poverty And Peasantry: The Problem Of Concept Cloning In Nigeria - P-J Ezeh


The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Nigeria’s Development - Darlynton Franklyn Chukwunonso Okoye


Constraints in the Staff Recruitment and Selection System of Delta State Civil Service - Kelly Bryan Ovie Ejumudo


Oil Price Shocks And Macroeconomic Variables In Nigeria - Stella Madueme & Onyenkwere Christian Nwosu           


The Problem Of Demarcation Between Science And Non- Science - Agha Eresia-Eke


Decision-making Practices in Armed Robbery among Armed Robbers in Nigeria - Smart Otu


Systems Description Of Adult Education Administration Personnel: The Extension Agent - Linus Okechukwu Nwabuko


Millennium Development GOALs (MDGs) And The Quest For Gender Equity In Nigeria - Oluwatuyi Omotoso & Amen Osamede Jegede


The Challenge Of African Traditional Religion And Culture To Christianity And Islam In Their Quest For Mutual Diaogue: Its Problems And Prospects - Isidore U. Nwanaju


Performance Of Transportation Networks In Ekiti State, South-West Nigeria - O. S Ogunleye


The Impact Of Dollar Exchange Rate Volatility On Foreign Direct Investment In Nigeria - Okenyis S. Chukwudi & Stella Ifeoma Madueme


Violence Against Women: An Exposé of the Nature, Forms and Effects in Contemporary Social Life - Chukwujekwu Charles Onwuka


Rethinking Objectivity In News Reporting In The Digital Age - Church S. Akpan & Chima Alexander Onyebuchi


Federalism And Good Governance In Nigeria - Joseph N. Chukwuma


Gender and Labour Force Participation in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects - Ngozi M. Nwakeze


E-Governance As A Tool For Public Sector Development In Nigeria - Felicia Osondu Okwueze


Development And Growth Of Fiber Art: Africa Contributions - Godson .O. Diogu


The Operations of Islam at State and State-System Levels - Olawale Lawal


Employee Work Engagement: Evolution, Definition, Controversies and Meaning - Fabian O. Ugwu




Volume 3, Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2011




Rural Development Trends In Nigeria: Problems And Prospects - K. Chukwuemeka Obetta & Charity C. Okide


Data Analysis/ Visualization in Social Sciences: Current Challenges and Trends in Religious Studies - Ezichi A. Ituma


Ethnographic Study Of Oil Palm Produce In Akamkpa Local Government Area Of Cross River State - Joy Nneka Uchenye Ejikeme (Ajalla)


Desirability And Efficacy Of Human Resource Planning In The Nigerian Public Sector: A Critical Discourse Of The Delta State Civil Service - Kelly Bryan Ovie Ejumudo


Combating Political Assassination In Nigeria: The Role Of The Mass Media - Peter N. Nwokolo


The Language Of African Literature In English - Julia Udofia


The Crude Oil Price Shock and its Conditional Volatility: The Case of Nigeria - Charles Uche Ugwuanyi


Art and Tourism: An Inevitable Partnership For Environmental And Social Prosperity - Chris Echeta


Media Evangelism: A Case for Effective Coverage of the Rural Areas - Anthony Chinedu Ekwueme


Ergativity in Igbo: Insights from Nsukka Dialect Cluster - Ifeoma M. Nweze


The Odo Masquerade Institution And Tourism Development: A Case Study Of Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area Of Enugu State - E. I. Itanyi


English And Ibibio Phonotactics: An Analysis Of Their Vowel Systems - Nkereke Mfon Essien


An Appraisal Of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) And The War Against Corruption In Nigeria (1999 – 2007) - Ejikeme Jombo Nwagwu


Perception Of Primary School Teachers On The Use Of Oral Literature - E. P. Obiweluozo


Achieving The Millennium Development Goals Through Combating HIV/AIDS In Nigeria: Ethical Perspective - Nkechinyere G. Onah


Counselling Skills For Improving Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Nsukka Education Zone Of Nigeria - F. N. Onyiliofor


The Implementation Of The 2004 Bank Reforms In Nigeria: A Post Facto Analysis - Chukwuka E. Ugwu & K. C. Onyeabor


Restoring The Lost Identity Of Ogba People: Problems And Prospects - Uche A. Dike


The Ethic of Reciprocity as a Tactic for Restoring Human dignity vis-a-vis the experience of widows in Nigeria - Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu


Social Disorder And Its Implications For Tourism Development In Nigeria - Livinus Chikpandu Ekechukwu


The Impact Of Visual Images Used In The Teaching And Learning Basic Mathematics In Nursery Schools In Nsukka Urban Primary Schools - Anne Ngozi Diogu



Volume 4, Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2012




A Critical Study Of Richard Rorty’s Post-Philosophic Culture - Francis O. C. Njoku


Wages Administration And Civil Service Productivity In Anambra State: An Empirical Analysis - Charles Arinze Obiora 


The English Language, Politics and the Issues of Multi-Ethnicity in Nigeria - P. A. Ezema


Media-Prudence: Some Legal Tips to Public Relations Managers in Multinational Corporate Organizations - Peter N. Nwokolo


Local Governance And The Impoverishment/Underdevelopment Of The Niger Delta Region (1999-2007) - Ejikeme Jombo Nwagwu


Processes, Enablers And Roles For Knowledge Management Applications In Libraries - C. I. Ugwu & Charles O. Omekwu & J. N. Ekere


Globalization: Capitalist Imperialism? - Charles U. Ugwuanyi & Innocent O. Agwu


Masquerades And Funeral Rites As Symbo-Media Of Communication In Igboland: A Study Of Onitsha Area, Anambra State - Chinonye Chekwube Edeogu & Ndubuisi Chika Nnaji


The Impact of Scientific Research on Industrialization and Development: The Fiiro Case - Muhammad M. A. Oluwa


Civic Education at the Senior Basic Education in Nigeria: Issues And Challenges - B. N. Ezegbe, E. K. Oyeoku, D. I. Mezieobi, & J. N. Okeke


Analytic - Synthetic Dichotomy in Kant and the Logical Positivists’: A Comparative Analysis - Francis Israel Minimah


Male Chauvinism in the Pentateuch: The Bane of Gender Inequality in African Culture - Collins Ugwu & Anuli Okoli


Socio-Economic Significance of Cultural Festivals in Epe Division of Lagos State: An Overview - James Olusegun Adeyeri


Leadership, Democracy And Development In Nigeria: A Study Of Oyo State (2003-2011) - Segun Joshua & Samuel Oni & Godwyn Agbude


Public Financial Policies And Their Implementations In A Developing Economy: The Nigerian Experience - Sam C. Ugwu


Counseling Implications Of Attaining of Vision 20:20:20 Through Entrepreneurship Education In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions - F.N. Chinwe Onyilofor


Understanding Globalization And Its Challenges For Human Development Through General Studies Programmes (GSP) In Nigerian University Education - Anthonia O. Uzuegbunam


Political Participation Of Nigerian Women: Need For Political Re-Orientation - Bernedeth Nkiruka Ezegbe, Felicia N. Akubue, D. I. Mezieobi & .J.C Onuoha


Failures of Nigeria’s Neoliberal Deregulations - Chuku Umezurike


Causes And Impacts Of Ethno-Religious Crisis And National Development: A Case Of Plateau State - Sylvia Uchenna Agu & Benjamin Abonyi Amujuri & Ifeoma Mary Okwo


Critical Discourse Analysis Of Self-Glorification And Derogation Of Others In Selected Inaugural Political Speeches In Nigeria - Chinwe Rose Ann Ezeifeka


Contributions Of Leadership Style And Occupational Stress To Burnout Among Organizational Workers - Chris Uzondu & O. Ugwuiro


Self-Reported Mental Health Status Of A Sample Of Nigeria-Biafran War Veterans - Chuka Mike Ifeagwazi & Ekpedoho Abiama & JohnBosco Chika Chukwuorji


“Anatomy of ruthless power” or misplaced aggression: Performing Bad Leadership in The Days of Woe and A Play of Giants - Ngozi Udengwu


Threats To Internal Security In Nigeria: An Examination Of Security Challenges In Nigeria And The Implications - B. A. Amujiri & Dr S.U. Agu


A Re-Examination Of The Savings-Growth Nexus In Nigeria - Inuwa Nasiru


Economic Hardship And The Right To Functional Education In Nigeria: The Role Of The Church - T. O. Ebhomielen & M.O. Idemudia


Using Enrichment Clusters In Out-Of-School Entreprenuerialeducation For Youth Empowerment - Marbel A Obidoa & Joy I. Anyanwu


New “Feminisms”: Gender Complementarity In Akachi Adimora – Ezeigbo’s Fiction - Julia Udofia


Effects Of Pictorial Illustrations And Cognitive Styles On Secondary School Students’ Achievement In History - Uche D. Asogwa, Tessy O. Ofoegbu, & Kingdom Okoronkwo


The Subsidy Reinvestment And Empowerment (Sure) Programme Implementation In Nigeria: Potentials For National Youth Unemployment Reduction - Chukwuka E. Ugwu


The Mines Nationalization Conundrum In South Africa: Trends, Insights And Implications for Development - C. U. Agalamanyi & Chukwuka E. Ugwu


Child Rearing Practices And Cultural Inhibitions As Correlates Of Prostitution Tendencies Among University Undergraduates In South East, Nigeria - Eke Kalu Oyeoku, Eucharia Nchedo Nwosu, & Theresa O. Oforka


Family and Peer influence on Drug Use Among Nigerian Youth - Mary Basil Nwoke, Kalu T. U. Ogba & Ndidiamaka .C Ugwu


Tourism As A Tool For Re-Branding Nigeria - Joshua Okenwa Uzuegbu


Multilingualism And Translation As Necessary Factors For Nigerian Language Policy - F. N. Ibemesi


The Enigma Of Arms Trafficking: A Critical Challenge To 21st Century African Security - B.O.G. Nwanolue, Chike Osegbue & Victor Chidubem Iwuoha


Three And Half Decades Of Modernism In Igbo Textile Art (1970 - 2005): A Summation - Ifedioramma N. Dike


Ergativity in Igbo: Insights from Nsukka Dialect Cluster - Ifeoma. M. Nweze


Corruption In Africa And Its Challenges For The Enterprise Of Christian Theology - Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu


Book Critique “The Ekwensu Semantics and the Igbo Christian Theolinguistics” - P-J Ezeh


BOOK CRITIQUE “Education And Nigeria Values A Companion For Students” - G. C. Abiogu



Volume 5, Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2013



Strategies For Combating Ethnicity - The Bane Of National Consciousness: A Survey Report - Anthonia O. Uzuegbunam

Assessment Strategies And Remediation Of Antisocial Behaviours Among Schooling Adolescents In Nigeria - V.C. Onu, J. N. Igbo, Ngozi Obiyo

Environmental Ethics, Employers and Employees in Nigeria - Mark Omorovie Ikeke

A Study of Women Small-Scale Enterprise in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria: The case of the tailoring business - Anne N. Diogu, Adaku B. C. Ezeibe, G. O. Diogu

Communicative Interaction In Early Childhood: Foundation For Positive And Negative Behavioural Patterns - Chioma O. C. Chukueggu, Ijeoma Ernest-Ehibudu

Non-Formal Education As An Instrument For Empowering Women In Enugu State, Nigeria - Anthonia Ujunwa Nwobi

Open And Distance Learning (ODL), Human Capital Development And The Challenge Of Realizing Vision 20:2020 - David C. Nwogbo

Language and Perception in African Philosophy - Francis O. C. Njoku

Involving Igbo Traditional Religion In Eradicating Extreme Poverty And Hunger In Nigeria - Ekenedirichukwu Eze, Joseph Nnnaemeka Chukwuma

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Management of University of Nigeria Libraries - M. O. Okoye, A. N. Ejikeme

Nigerian Jokes As Humour Construction: A Semantico-Pragmatic Study - Ogechukwu Miracle Nneji

Godfatherism In Nigeria’s Politics: A Study Of  Obasanjo’s Civilian Administration (1999-2007) - Chukwuka E.Ugwu, Edwin Izueke, C. J. Obasi

Management Of Local Government Finance In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects - E. M. C. Izueke, E.M.C., N. O. Anyadike, F. I. Nzekwe

Early School Enrollment And Children’s Academic Performance: Evidence On Nigeria - Joseph I. Amuka, Fredrick O. Asogwa, Anthony O.Agu

Citizen Journalism and Expanding Public Sphere: What Fate for Journalistic Ethics and Professionalism? - Anthony Chinedu Ekwueme, Paul Martins Obayi, Chidiebere Nwachukwu

The New Contributory Pension Scheme And Prompt And Regular Payment Of Pension Benefits To Pensioners In Nigeria - Ejikeme Jombo Nwagwu

The Impact Of The Church On The Growth Of Textile Industry In Nigeria - G. O. Diogu, Olive Adaobi Iweka

Psycho-Geographical Evaluation Of The Douala City (Cameroon) Sensitisation Programme Against Municipal Waste Dilemma - Zephania N. Fogwe, Valere K. Nkelzok

The Status And Challenges Of Mass Communication Education In Nigeria - Nnanyelugo Okoro, Paul Martin Obayi, Alexander Chima Onyebuchi

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy and the Security and Development Challenges in Central Africa - Aloysius-Michaels Okolie, Chime Jide

Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI) and Civil Society: The Audit Issues and Challenges - Benjamin A. Amujiri

Effect of Soil Characteristics on Plant Growth and Productivity in Nsukka Agro-Ecological Zone of Nigeria - Lilian C. Mba, R. N. C. Anyadike

Socials Studies Eductaion: A Tool for Achieving Practical Democracy in Nigeria - Bernedeth Nkiruka Ezegbe, Felicia Nkechi Akubue

Regular Schools’ Needs for Creating an Inclusive Learning-Friendly Environment - Liziana N. Onuigbo

Information And Communication Technologies (Icts) And The Paucity Of Instructional Materials In Teaching And Learning Of Economics At The Senior Secondary School Level - Benedict Ejiofor Ugwuanyi

Effect Of E-Conferencing Method On The Teaching Of Academic Literacy Skills To Second Language Postgraduate Students:  A Pilot Study - Esther N. Oluikpe

Repositioning The Social Sciences For National Transformation: The Critical Role Of The Social Sciences Literature - Austin J. C. Mole

Promoting Lifelong Learning Through Innovative Adult and Non-Formal Education - F. O. Mbagwu

Benefits, Challenges And Prospects Of Citizen Journalism Practice In Nigeria - Luke Ifeanyi Anorue, Paul Martin Obayi, Chima Alexander Onyebuchi

Re-thinking the essence of governance in Nigeria within the context of increasing and pervasive national insecurity - Cornelius Chukwudi Mba, Felicia Osondu Okwueze

Peace Education And Conflict Resolution In Post Primary Schools: The Role Of The Teacher - Felicia Nkechi Akubue, Bernedeth Nkiruka Ezegbe  

Calls For State Police In Nigeria: Options For Sustainable National Security - Chukwuka E. Ugwu, Donatus Ngige, Bartholomew Ugwuanyi

Challenges Of Entrepreneurship Among University Graduates As Viewed By Post-Graduate Students In Two Universities In South East Nigeria - Chinwe N. Ezeani, Felicia N. Ugwu

Public Perception of the Implications of Citizen Journalism for Nigeria’s Democracy - Chijioke Odii

In-Service Training Of Head Teachers As Tool  For Curriculum Innovation Practice - Ifeyinwa O. Ezenwaji, L. K. Ejionueme, S. C. Ugwoke

Supervisory Mechanism And Educational Quality Improvement - Angie Oboegbulem

Language and Communication: Attaining Communicative Competence by Participants - Fidelia A. Okeke

Mass Media As Tool For Promoting General Studies Programme In University Education: The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka Perspective - D. O. Anyadike

Co-operative Vocational Business Education: A Programme for Production of Skilled Office Personnel - E. A. C. Etonyeaku, H. A. Ezeji

The Problem Of Sexual Abuse In Nigerian Socio-Religious Society - Ezichi A. Ituma, Favour Chukwuemeka Uroko, M. Eskay

The Importance of Gender Budgeting in Attaining the MDG 3 in  Africa - Ngozi M. Nwakeze

Same Symbols, Different Representation: The Semiotics of Linguistics and Mathematical Notations - Ifeoma M. Nweze

Igbo/African Artistic Creativity And Anonymity Of Artist/Genius - Matthew C. Chukwuelobe


Volume 6, Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, August 2013



Are Rural School Children at the Same Academic Level with their Urban Peers? Evidence for Education Policy in Nigeria - Joseph I. Amuka & Fredrick O. Asogwa & Anthony O. Agu

The Ceramics Studio-Planting And The Enviro-Economic Challenges: Own Story - Chris Echeta

Administrative Competency Needs of Secondary School Principals for Effective Ube Administration at the J.S.S Level in Anambra State, Nigeria- Anthonia Ujunwa Nwobi

Global Ecological Degradation and English Nouns - Chinonye C. Ekwueme-Ugwu

An Analysis of the Contributions of Women to Household Farming Decisions among Rural Dwellers in Enugu State, Nigeria - Chinedu Lilian Mba

Mitigation of and Adaptation to Climate Change in the 21st Century - Nicholas O. Ossai & C. Anthony Okolie & Charles Eze­

Political Restructuring and the Politics of Revenue Allocation in Nigeria, 1960—2012 - Humphrey Nwobodo Agbo

Physical Fitness: A Prerequisite for Achieving the Transformation Agenda of Federal Government of Nigeria - Donatus A. Aniodo

The United Nations and the Challenge of HIV/Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa - Peterside U. Agene & Chikelue Ofuebe 

The Politics of Religion and the Underdevelopment of Northern Nigeria - Ezichi A. Ituma & George Christian Nche & Uche Igbokwe

Public Accountability and the Needs Framework - David C. Nwogbo

Minorities and National Unity in Nigeria - Emmanuel M. Ome

Corruption as the Bane of Quality Education in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria - Benedict Ejiofor Ugwuanyi & Dorathy Njideka Eneogu

The use of Information and Communication on Effective Coordination of Adult Education Programmes in the South East Zone of Nigeria - Linus Okechukwu Nwabuko

The Need to Integrate Language Skills and Content Area Instruction - Chioma O. C. Chukueggu

Effect of Extended Word Study on Spelling Achievement of Children with Spelling Difficulties - Gloria Ada Ugwu & Liziana. N. Onuigbo

Between Democratic and the Caretaker Committee Approach to Local Government Administration in Nigeria:  Re-Visiting The Anambra Experience From 2006—2013 - Chubah Ezeh & Chioma Muanya

Creative Writers and Human Behaviour: An Evaluation of Rems Umeasiegbu’s The Inevitable Aftermath and End of the Road - Florence. O. Orabueze & Aloysius Orjinta & Ngozi Ezenwa-Ohaeto

Knowledge Economy and Entrepreneurship Education: A Panacea among Challenged Student in Higher Education in Nigeria: Counselling Implication - Florence N.C. Onyilofor

Trade Liberalization - Implication for Informality in Nigeria - Jonathan Emenike Ogbuabor & Anthony Orji & Ifeoma C. Mba

Strategic Development of Literacy in Promotion of Livelihood among Youths in the UBE Scheme for Sustainable Development - O. N. Nwakaire & C. I. Oreh

Examining Social Sciences Literature for Effective Library and Information Services for the Social Sciences - Austin J. C. Mole

The Contribution of Department for International Development (DFID) to the socio-economic development of Enugu State, Nigeria - Sam C. Ugwu

Effects of global economic crises on Nigerians: The Need for attitude change interventions by guidance counsellors and social workers - Gray Goziem Ejikeme & Theresa Uchechi Ejikeme

Total Quality Management in Academic Libraries: A Desideratum - Richard N.C. Ugwuanyi & Nkechi Anthonia Idoko

Electoral Process and Political Violence in Africa: A Preview of the 2015 Elections in Nigeria - Gerald E. Ezirim & Peter O. Mbah

Societal Growth and Linguistic Change: A Survey of Word Borrowing in the Jukun Language of Taraba State - Laz Chinedu Ogenyi & Ishaya Gani Bako

Incidence of Hypertension Among Pregnant Women in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State (2009—2012) - C. C. Igbokwe & M. C. Ukwuma

The Law of the Jungle and the Nigeria Police Force: Extra-Judicial Killing in Adichie’s The Thing Around Your Neck - F. O. Orabueze & Justina Okoye & Ngozi Ezenwa-Ohaeto

Parenting Education: Impact of Modeling on Learning Outcomes of at-risk children - Victoria I. Iroegbu

Open Access to Scholarly Publications: Importance, Access, Constraints and Strategies for Improvement - Ezi O. Njoku & A. M. Okore

Using Cooperative Learning Instructional Strategy in Solving the Problem of Gender Stereotyping on Junior Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Social Studies - Benjamin Elom Usulor & Daniel Igba Igba

Knowledge and use of Birth Control and Contraception Methods for Family Planning In Enugu State, Nigeria: The Counsellor’s Role - Anthony U. Okere & Mabel A. Obidoa & Kay C Onyechi

Gender and Participatory Democracy in the Local Government System In Nigeria:  A Case Study of Ebonyi State, (2001-2011) - Adeline Nnenna A. Idike

Students’ Awareness and use of Electronic Information Resources In University Libraries: Case Study of University of Nigeria Nsukka - Harriet U. Igbo & Nwabuisi T. Imo

The Ethnography of Speaking: An Appraisal of Two Selected Nigerian Christian Sermons - Ifeoma Obuasi

Information-Seeking  Behavior and Library use   of  Faculty  of  Agriculture  Lecturers  in  University  of  Nigeria, Nsukka - M.O Okoye & N.E. Osadebe

Use of Social Networking Sites by Academic and Research Libraries: An exploratory study - Vincent. O Ekwelem & Victoria Okafor & Scholastica  Ukwoma

Analysis of the Impacts of Rural-Urban Migration on Socioeconomic Development of Rural Communities of Southeastern Nigeria - Chukwuedozie K. Ajaero & Ignatius Ani Madu

Remittances and Collapsed Development In Economies in Africa - Emmanuel J. Ibuot

Relevance of Adult Education in Fostering of HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) by Guidance Counselors in Nigeria - Justina U. Eze & A. C. Uba & Linus O. Nwabuko

Serial Verb Construction in Yoruba - Babarinde, Olusanmi

Depressive Symptoms in Rural School Teachers: Role of Stress, Gender and Age - Chuka Mike Ifeagwazi & JohnBosco Chika Chukwuorji & Okechukwu A. Ugwu

Impacts of Financial Control Mechanisms on Local Government Autonomy in Delta State (1999-2008) - Philip Eku Agbeyeke

Influence of perceived stress reactivity, gender and age on neuroticism in a sample of Nigerian university undergraduates - Chuka Mike Ifeagwazi, JohnBosco Chika Chukwuorji, Oluchi Grace Kalu

The Traditional Methods of Food Procurement and Processing of Fish in Ozizza, Afikpo - Jacinta U. Ikegwu


Volume 7, No.1 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2014




Democracy, Education And Sustainable National Development In Nigeria - Adeline Nnenna A. Idike

Socio-Demographic Correlates Of Family Size Preferences Among Newly Married Couples (2009-2013) in Nsukka Local Government Area Of Enugu State: Implications For Family And Community Empowerment - C. C. Igbokwe & M. C. Ukwuma & B. C. Igbokwe

The Revolutionary Years: Nigeria’s Telecommunication Industry 2001 – 2011 - Obi Iwuagwu

A Comparative Analysis Of Relevant   Erosion Variables In Two Sixth Order River Basins   In Tropical Humid South-Eastern Nigeria - A. T. Mozie & C. A. Onyekwelu & R. U. Ayadiuno & C. U. Ezeh

Religious Pluralism And National Development: A Historical Analysis - F. U. Nnadi & George C. Nche

The State And Insurgency In Nigeria: An Assessment Of Boko Haram In Northern Nigeria - M. I. Abada & Francis Chigozie Chilaka

Issues In The Niger Delta: A Focus On Some Government Developmental Programmes In The Region Since 1956 - Rowland A. Effiom

Benefits Of Empowering Academic Librarians For Professional Excellence In A Digital Library Environment - Nkechi Anthonia Idoko & Richard N. C. Ugwuanyi

Climate Change In Nigeria:  Role Of Librarians In Public Libraries In Educating Rural Farmers - Caroline Okoro & Emmanuel Chukwudi Ihekwoaba & RoselineNgoziOkwor

Status Of Social Studies Facilitators Of The National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) – Nce By Distance Learning System In Enugu State Of Nigeria - B. N. Ezegbe & S. N. Ikwumelu

Dialectal Interference In The Teaching And Learning Of Standard Igbo Language In Senior Secondary Schools Of Enugu State Ezeagu Dialect Example - Ifeyinwa Omekwu

Packaging As An Index Of Product Quality - L. I. Anorue & C. E. Obeta

The Role Of Pragmatics In Achieving Communicative Competence: Implications For English Langauge Education In Nigeria In The 21st Century - Basil O. Nwokolo

Neo-colonial Imperialism: the Trend and the Plight of African States - Onuegbu Festus C.

Postcolonial Theatre and the Question of Identity: The Parable of Hayavadana by Girish Karnad - Ngozi Udengwu

English As A Second Language Teacher In An ICT Era: Issues, Challenges And Way Forward - Josephine. U. Akabogu

The Transformation Agenda And The Challenge Of Diversifying The Nigerian Economy - David C. Nwogbo

Vocational Education In Visual Arts: Strategies For Promoting Skills Development And Environmental Sustainability In Rural Areas - Grace Bassey

Entrepreneurship: Insights from selected Naira banknotes designs - Trevor Vt Morgan

Constraints In The Teaching Of Moral Instruction In Secondary Schools In Ebonyi State: Implications For Moral Behaviour Of Students - N. C. Njoku & D. I. Njoku

Effect of Constructivist Theatre Instruction (CTI) on Secondary School Students’ Knowledge of HIV and AIDS - Ngozi J. Anyaegbunam & Anthony Okere & K. C. Onyechi

The Language of Time in Poetry - Shimawua Atimga & Simon Abochol

Poverty Reduction Through Entrepreneurship Education In Senior Secondary Schools In Enugu State - S. C. Ugwoke & G. Patrick Okenjom & Angela N. Nnajiofor

The Aesthetics of Blackness and Feminist Signification in the Selected Novels of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker - Kadir A. Abdullahi

Psychosomatic Effects of Nicotine (Tobacco) in Man – A review of Research Studies - Akueyinwa L. E. Uzondu & Christian N. Uzondu

The Role Of Aesthetics In Rural Community Newspaper Management In Nigeria - Godspower Udoh

Religious Conflict And Politics In Nigeria: Implications For National Development - C. N. Ibenwa

From Waste To Art: Teju Olanrewaju’s Sculptural Essays On Climate Change And Environmental Degradation - Eva Obodo & Ozioma Onuzulike


 Volume 7, No.2 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, August 2014



Syrian Crises And The Failure Of The United Nations To Impose Sanctions: A Political Economy Approach - Samuel Asua Asua

Teacher Variables In Employing Innovative Teaching Methods In Igbo Language In Secondary Schools: Implication For Inclusion - Stella Obioma, Chineke & Leonard Tochukwu Ugwuanyi

Responses to the Challenges of Climate Change through Religion - Christopher Ndubisi Ibenwa & Arinze Tagbo Mozie

Contextualization of Biblical Interpretation in Africa - John Arierhi Ottuh

Communicating With Pictures In Artistic And Aesthetic Forms: The Role Of The Newspaper Photo Editor - Godspower Udoh

Religious Ambivalence In Igboland: A Synthesis Of Christianity And Igbo World View - Kanayo Louis Nwadialor & Teresina Veronica C. Agunwa

Nigeria Magazine   And The Critical Discourse Of Modern And Contemporary Art In Nigeria, 1946 – 1976 - Ozioma  Onuzulike

Media Crusade Against Corruption In Ghana’s Fourth Republic (2004-2012) - Kwame Asah-Asante & Isaac Brako

Lending to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Economic Growth in Nigeria, 1992 – 2011 - Jonathan Emenike Ogbuabor & Ifeoma C. Mba & Anthony Orji

Visual Metaphor: Ekene Anikpe’s Sculptural Essays - Eva Obodo & Trevor Morgan

Ethics of Research and Reporting Scholarly Writing - Ann Nkechi Okolo

Community Participation In The Administration Of Secondary Schools In Nsukka Educaiton Zone - Samuel Chidiume Ugwoke & Frederick Nwachukwu Ugwuanyi

Vocational And Textile Education In Nigeria: A Panacea For Mass Employment And Poverty Alleviation - Godson. O. Diogu

Effect Of Task-Based Language Teaching Method On Students’ Achievement In Igbo Essay Writing - Uju C. Umo & Stella Obioma Chineke

African Indigenous Knowledge Systems On The Brink - Charles Chukwuemeka Nweke

Communalistic Ethics and Natural Resources Depletion in Africa - Mark Omorovie Ikeke

The Challenges Of Realizing Vision 20:2020 - David C. Nwogbo & Anthony Okolie

A Pragmatic Analysis of Speech Acts Strata in Nigeria Legislative Discourse - Clara U.B. Agbara & Koyode Omole

Critical Analysis of Student Centered Teaching Research Method; using Selected Nigerian Unversities As the case Study - Chuka Chukwube

Curbing Premarital Sex Among Nigerian Youths From The Study Of Joseph’s Attitude In Genesis 39: 1-12 - B.C.D - Diara & Onyekachi .G. Chukwuma

The Representation of Otherness in Athol Fugard’s Sizwe Bansi is Dead and Alexander Asigbo’s The Reign of Pascal Amusu - F. O Orabueze & I. Ogbazi & Ngozi-Ezenwa-Ohaeto

 Assertiveness, Self-Esteem and Locus of Control as predictors of Aggression in a Nigerian sample - Blessing Nneka Ome & Nkemakolam Augustine Okorie & Ebele Evelyn Azubuike

 Empirical Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Workplace Conflicts in Public Hospitals in Rivers State, Nigeria, 2009-2014 - Goddey Wilson

Strategies for Enhancing Sustainable Agricultural Practices Among Rural Households In Nigeria: Implications For Information Services - Austin J. C. Mole & Chibuzo L. Dim

Parental Perception Of Sexuality Education Of Adolescents In Secondary Schools In Enugu State - K.C. Onyechi & A. U. Okere & N. J. Anyaegbunam

 Contributions Of Career Salience And Job Satisfaction In Organisational Commitment Of A Sample Of Nigerian Bank Workers - Chris N. Uzondu & Edozie E. Aloh & Ebere O. P. Okafor

 A Critique of Aristotle on Time’ - David A. Oyedola

 Public Relations Measures For Managing Corporate Crisis In A Competitive Business Environment - Charles E. Obeta

Aging and Reproductive Healthcare of Women in South-Eastern Nigeria - Kenechukwu N. Anugwom

 Entrepreneurship Education Through ICT For Global Competitiveness   Among Challenged Students In Nigeria's Higher Education: Counseling Implication - F. N. Chinwe Onyilofor

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) In The Criminal Justice System: Comparative Perspectives - Chukwunweike A. Ogbuabor; Clara C. Obi-Ochiabutor; Ebele L. Okiche

 BOOK REVIEW: Key Issues in Local Government and Development: A Nigerian Perspective - Adeline Nnenna A Idike


Volume 8, No.1 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2015




The Federal Government’s Transformation Agenda on Basic Education and the Implementation of the Universal Basic Education [UBE]) - David C. Nwogbo


Capacity Building and Utilization in the Public Service: An Assessment of Project e-Delta - Philip Eku Agbeyeke


Western And African Conception Of Cause And Effect: Impact On Scientific Development - Enya Asira Asira & Peter Bisong Bisong


Creativity in the African Novel: A Stylistic Exploration of Helon Habila’s Measuring Time - Jacinta Onyekachi Awa


African Indigenous Knowledge: Call for a Paradigm Shift in Nigeria in a Changing World - Chibuzor Livina Dim & Austin J. C. Mole

Teachers’ Perception On The Extent Of Implementation Of The National Language Policy In Upper Basic Schools In Ebonyi State - Raphael I. Ngwoke

The Effects Of Cashless Policy On Nigeria Economy - B. A. Amujiri & C. I. Onodugo

‘The Nature of Morality’ in Gilbert Harman: An Appraisal - David A. Oyedola


Scratching the Surface: Post-Colonial Anglophone African Drama and the Chant of Disillusionment - Ndubuisi Nnanna & Ikechukwu Erojikwe


Impact Of Climatic Change On Secondary School Administration In Bayelsa State - S. C. Ugwoke & Ebenade Abidde


Gender in the Written Texts of Learners of English as a Second Language in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka - Goodluck Chinenye Kadiri & Ojel Clara Anidi & Udodirim Ngozi Okebalama


Modern Views of Conflict and Pauline Model of Conflict Resolution in I Corinthians 3:1-10 and Its Implication for the Nigerian Christian - John Arierhi Ottuh

Moral Education and Development in Nigeria - Maduka Enyimba

Leadership, Human Degradation and Social Change in Ben Okri’s The Famished Road - Emmanuela Uzoma Asadu

Working With Emotionally And Sexually Abused Children: The Therapeutic Value Of Effective Communication - Nnachi Amos Imo

An Assessment Of The Relationship Between Crime And Social Exclusion In Nigeria - C Iheanacho Agboti & M Uchenna Nnam

The Concept of Citizenship: Its Application and Denial in the Contemporary Nigerian Society - Emmanuel Kelechi Iwuagwu

Effect of Concept Mapping Method on Students’ Achievements in CRK in Junior Secondary Schools In Ebonyi Local Government Area in Ebonyi State - N. C. Njoku

Preparing Agriculture Teachers For An Ideal Agricultural Education Programme At Secondary School Level In Nigeria -F. M. Onu & Ananias Jugah & E. A. Onu

Influence Of Social Support On Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Among Disabled And Non-Disabled Biafran War Veterans - Chuka Mike Ifeagwazi & JohnBosco Chika Chukwuorji


An Analysis of Correlations between Selected Capital Market Indices and Economic Growth in Nigeria from 1986 – 2013 - Anthony Ilegbinosa Imoisi & Emmanuel Ajudua

Second Tenure Syndrome and Consolidation of Electoral Democracy in Nigeria: A Reflection on the 4th Republic - Chubah Ezeh

Concretization of Abstraction: Metaphorical Expressions in Legislative Discourse - Clara Unoalegie Bola Agbara

Philosophy and the Development of the Third World: Exploring the Power of Ideology Stephen Chijioke Nwinya

The Poverty-Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria (1981-2012) - Ibrahim.A.O Bakare & K.V Edozie

Awareness And Involvement Of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Rural Residents Of Nsukka, South Eastern, Nigeria - Christopher N. Ngwu

New Testament’s Saul, Achebe’s Enoch And Religious Fanaticism In Contemporary Nigeria Adolphus Ekedimma Amaefule

On The Rationality Of The Indubitability Of Cartesian Mathematical Propositions - Uti O. Egbai

The Role Of Fidelity And Morality In Pragmatic Translation: A Comparative Evaluation Of Old And New English Versions Of The Holy Bible - Enoch Ajunwa

Reason and Human Action in Aquinas’ Moral Theory - Okoro Edward Ajanwachukwu

Media, Communication and the Dynamic of African Culture: Advertising Design and Identity Focus - John Amifor

Repositioning Technology for Human Responsibility: Beyond Heideggerian Determinism - Innocent Ikechukwu Enweh




Volume 8, No.2 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, August 2015




Indigenes and Non-Indigenes Conflicts in Nigeria: A Study of Jos North Local Government Area Of Plateau State, 2000-2014 - Nandes Dickson Cinjel & Fab. O. Onah

Management of Universal Basic Education (UBE): Diversification of Education Programme in Junior Secondary School in Cross River State - S. C. Ugwuoke & G. P.  Okenjom & A. O. Oyoyo & O. Ijeoma 


Literature; A Tool In Nation-Building: The Suggested Option for Nigeria - Raphael I. Ngwoke 


The Perceived Impact of Population Growth on Housing in Asaba in 2014 - Faith J. Sajini


The Causes, Effects and Management of Industrial Conflict in Local Governments of Delta State, Nigeria, 2008-2014 - Goddey Wilson


Women and the Implementation of the 35% Affirmative Action under President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration.( 1999-2015) - Felicia. O. Okwueze


The Operation of State Joint Local Government Account (SJLGA) in Nigeria: A Critical Evaluation - Uzoma D. P. Nosiri & Tochukwu A. Njemanze


A Hundred Years of Etinan Institute, Etinan, 1915-2015: An Assessment - Jonah Akpan Uwem


Emotional Adjustment and Criminality: Moderation by Perceived Social Support - Blessing Nneka Ome & Nkemakolam Augustine Okorie


Literature and Medicine: Lessons from Diagnosis and Treatment in Chinua Achebe’s Novels - Shimawua Atimga


Stilt Architecture among Izon Fishermen of Ekeremor in Bayelsa State, Nigeria - Okpan Oyeoku K. & Augustina Osuku Angba


Repositioning Biblical Theology in Response to Merchantile Christianity in Nigeria - Lucky Osuagwu Ikechiamaka


Leadership, Corruption and Underdevelopment In Nigeria: A Political Economy Analysis - Mary Juachi Eteng


Anti Corruption Crusade and Persistence of Corruption in Nigeria: A Reflection on Roadblock to Anti Corruption War - Lamidi Kamal Olaniyi & Yahaya Abubakar


Poverty Eradication In Nigeria By 2030: Problems and Prospects - David C. Nwogbo


Entrepreneurship Development and its Sustainability in Imo State: Emerging Perspectives - Aririguzo Zephyrinus Ifeanyi

Boko Haram: Challenge to Justice in Political Solution to Insurgence - Sampson I. Ekwonna


Culture as a Determinant of Child Abuse in Nigeria: A Sociological Standpoint - Macpherson Uchenna Nnam


Kidnapping, Security Challenges and Obstacles to the Control of Hostage Taking in Nigeria - Gilbert Enyidah-Okey Ordu


Kant’s Theory of Space and Russell’s System of Perceptual and Physical Space: A Comparative Analysis - Francis Israel Minimah


Enhancing Professional Competence of Newly Employed Lecturers through Mentorship: A Focus on Universities in Cross River State - Nigeria - Emeka Samuel Nnaji & Esther Samuel Uko & Innocent Arinze Nwafor


Dearth of Political Ideology Vis-À-Vis Political Parties in Nigeria: A Philosophical Investigation -  Stephen Chijioke Nwinya


Electoral Violence in Nigeria: A Hindrance to Democratic Stability - Emmanuel N. Iheanacho


An Analysis of the Contradictory Judicial Rulings in the Post-2015 Gubernatorial Election Tribunal Cases in Nigeria: Implication for Nigeria’s Democracy - Hillary I. Ekemam


Local Government Or Local Administration In Nigeria: A Study Of The Critical Issues And Taxonomy Of Other Developmental Models - Adeline Nnenna Idike


Knowledge of Immunisation Services Provided to Infants in Onicha Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, Nigeria - Joseph Ogbonnaya Alo Ekpechu


Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS) in Rural Nigeria: An Assessment of Five Rural-Based Women Associations (RBWOS) in Akwa Ibom State - Okon Sunday Udoh & Agnes E. Udoh


The Effect of Modelling and Direct Teaching Strategy on Achievement of Primary School Pupils in Basic Sciences - Victoria I. Iroegbu & Famakinwa Adebayo


Causal-Recognitional Account of Phenomenal Concepts: An Alternative Physicalist Attempt to Solving The Problem of Consciousness - Adeyanju Olanshile Muideen


The Role Of Civil Society Organizations (Csos) In The Nigerian Democratization Process, 1999 – 2015 - Moses Alokpa Fidelis


Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Making and Implementation under Olusegun Obasanjo’s Administration (1999-2007) - Bankole Robert Olorunyomi & Sheriff Folarin & Fadeke Esther Owolabi & Ajibade EbenezerJegede


Elder Abuse in Nigeria: No Longer A Problem of Exclusion in Social Gerontology - Nnachi Amos Imo




Volume 9, No.1 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2016



The Role of Community Government Council in Community Participation and Development in Rural Communities in Imo State  - Uzoma D. Nosiri & Emmanuel C. Nwachukwu

A Historical Analysis of Igbe-Ame Religion: The Cult of the Water Divinity in Urhobo Land - Philo U. Ofuafo

Partnership with Communities for Conflict Resolution in Rivers State of Nigeria: The Role of Adult Education  - Doreen Kobani & Onwuzurike Nwagwu Nwakire

An Assessment of Tax Administration in Nigerian Local Government Councils - Oyovwevotu Randy Sakpere

Local Government and Political Accountability in Nigeria: Contending Issues and the Way Forward - Adeline Nnenna Idike

Socio-Educational Activities of Community-Based Women Organizations in Organizations in Obollo-Afor, Education Zone of Enugu State - K. Chukwuemeka Obetta

A Study on Safety and Security Issues at Selected Tourist Sites in Eastern Nigeria - Uchenna H. Obieluem & Okechukwu, O. Anozie & Elochukwu A . Nwankwo

Election Management and Disenfranchisements in 2015 General Elections in Nigeria: the Unexplored Issues - H. N. Agbo & Rowland Chukwuma Okoli

Epistemic Justification and Levels of Foundational Coherence - Adetayo Oludare Alade

Export Fluctuations and Economic Growth of Nigeria: Two-Stage Least Square (TSLS) Approach - Charles  Uche Ugwuanyi

Budgetary Deficit and Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis in Nigeria - Chika F. Abada

The Learning Curve In Insurgency And Counterinsurgency: A Case Study Of Nigeria And Boko Haram - Sampson I.Ekwonna

Totemism and Sustainable Development in the Niger Delta - Mark Omorovie Ikeke & N. O. Alumona

Employing the Principles of Subsidiarity and Participation as Veritable Catalysts for Africa's Socio-Political and Economic Development - Emmanuel Kelechi  Iwuagwu

Assessment of Strategies of Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria - Emmanuel N. Iheanacho

Disturbing Issues about Good Governance: The Nigerian Example - Japhet O.Nnaeto & George Okoroafor

Turn-taking Sequence in Discourse: A tool to Effective Conversation in a related speech of Interlocutors - Gift Ngozi Okata

Okun's Law Revisited: Evidence form Nigeria (1980-2014) - Victor Taiwo Ojapinwa & Lawanson Kemi

The Concept of Mercy in Luke-Act as a Challenge to Discipleship - Michael Enyinwa Okoronkwo

Boko-Haram Insurgency As Impediments To Manpower Development & Utilization In Borno State Civil Service - Charas Madu Tella

Analysing the Soviet Democratic Concept and Political Institutions (1917-1991) -Akin Ademuyiwa

Post Cold War And Contemporary Security Challenges: Re-Visiting New Threat To Global Peace -Victor Chibuike Obikaeze & Ifeanyichukwu Johah Iheke

African Development Development Bank (AFDB) and Africa's Economic Development Prospects in the 21st Century - F.C. Onuegbu & R. C. Eze

Women Participation in Nigerian Politics from 1999 to 2015 - Adakua Nwauzor

Socio-Economic and Traditional Uses of Highlands Among the Kilba Tribe of Hong Local Government Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria - Edwin Nyaku Gandapa

Servant-Leadership in John 13:1-10: Toward a Recovery of Traditional Sacral Power for Contemporary Igbo Leadership - Caroline N. Mbonu

The Problem of Igbo Identity in Christianized Nigerian Society - Ogechukwu Nwaocha

An Assessment of Factors that Promotes Corruption Amongst Public Office Holders in Nigeria - Olayemi Jacob Ogunniyi & James Onochie Akpu & Abodunrin Olukayode Amosun

Law and Operational Freedom of the Press in Nigerian Democracy -Joel C. Ugwuoke & Anthony C. Ekwueme

Availability and Utilization of HIV/AIDs Services in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State - C. C. Igbokwe &  M. C. Ukwuma & Lawreta Ijeoma Abugu & B. C. Igbokwe




Volume 9, No.2 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, August 2016



The Role of Immovable Artifacts in Akwa Ibom State and National Development - Victor Sunday Umanah & Malachy Ikechukwu Okwueze

Managing Psychological Contract: A Necessity for Positive Organisational Outcomes in Nigerian Public Service - Uzoma Nosiri & Tochukwu A. Njemanze

Nigerian Rentier Character and the Problem of Graduate Unemployment - Hmphrey N. Agbo & Rowland Chukwuma Okoli

Epistemic Justification and Levels of  Foundational Coherence - Alade Adetayo Oludare

National Budgets and Budgeting in Nigeria: A Critical Analysis of 2016 Budget - Paschal O. I. Igboeche

Financial Management Practices of Primary School Headteachers in Afikpo Education Zone of Ebonyi State, Nigeria - Chinwe Enyi & Ernest O. Ugwoke

Demographic and Personality Variables as Predictors of Principals' Performance in Adherence to Legal Provisions in the Management of Secondary Schools in South-South, Nigeria - Ominini Brother Asako Walson & Frederick Amunabo Okwo

Impact of Government Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1981 -  2014) - Victor Kyari Gimba & Yokubu Joy Asma'u  

Nigeria's Balance Sheet of Democracy and the Nation - Building Template for Fragile States in Africa - Remi Chukwudi Okeke

Issues and Challenges of Measurement in Social Geronotological Research in Nigeria - Nnachi Amos Imo

Impact of E - Payment System on Buying Behaviour: Evidence from Retail Outlets in IIorin Metropolis, Nigeria - Philip O. Adebayo & G. E. Osanyinkusi & A. O.Adekeye

Moral Obligations and Technological Imperative: Issues of Human Dignity in Genetic Engineering - Oliver Tersoo Agundu

Religion and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria - Ogbuechi, Friday Ifeanyi

Socio - Economic and Traditional uses of Highlands among the Kilba Tribe of Hong Local Government Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria - Edwin Nyaku Gandapa

The Ibibio - Ogoni Diplomatic Relations in the Niger Delta: The Pre - Colonial and Colonial Experience  - Jonah Akpan Uwem

Embodied Subjectivity or Objectivity and the Contours of Expression: Exploring the Rhythms of Nigerian Fashion - Adaku A. Nwauzor

The International Criminal Court and the National Judicial System in African States: Analysis of the Failsafe Judicial Mechanism - Lawal Olawale

An Analysis of the Primary and Secondary Benefits of the Brt-Scheme in Lagos State. Nigeria - M. A. Loto

Public Administration in a Post-Oil Nigerian State: Some Prognoses - Adeline Nnenna Idike

The Empirical Analysis of Health-Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria (1980-2012) - Ibrahim. A. O. Bakare & Olaniyi Olaleye

Revitalization African Proverbs a Medium of Entrenching African Knowledge and Morality: The Esan People in Focus - T. O. Ebhomienlen

Chastised with Whips or Scorpions: An Appraisal of Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Removal in the Light of Rehoboam's Ultimatum - Oliver C. Igwe   

Envisaging the Concept of Akpo in Urhobo Mythology in Visual Form: A Study of Bruce Onobrakpeya's Art - Philomina U. Ofuafo

Conflict for the Survival of Bori Cult Tradition in Northern Nigeria  - Ogechukwu Nwaocha

Environmental Degradation and the Urhobo Concept of Creation: Ecophilosophical Perspectives  - Mark Omorovie Ikeke

The Prospects and the Challenges of Treasury Single Account Policy to Economic Management and Development of Nigeria - Adolphus Chukwuemeka Anoruo & Augustine Aforkwalam

The Novelist as a Judge of the International Criminal Court: War Crimes in Emeka J. Otagbururagu's Echoes of Violence - Florence O. Orabueze

The Quinary Method of Socio-Spatial Sampling (QMeth-SSS): A Revolutionary tool for Analysis and Visualization in the Social Sciences - Dominique Meva'a Abomo & Bienvenue Moukam Ngueudeu      




Volume 10, No.1 & No.2 Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, April 2017



The Woman's Vulnerability and choices in Selected Works of Ousmane Sembene - Ibiene Evelyn Iboroma

Moral Obligations and Technological Imperative: Issues of Human Dignity in Genetic Engineering - Oliver Tersoo Agundu

The Prospects and the Challenges of Treasury Single Account Policy to Economic Management and Development of Nigeria - Adolphus Chukwuemeka Anoruo & Augustine Aforkwalam  

Thomas Hobbes' State of Nature and Insecurity in Nigeria - Anthony Rufus & David Effiong Eyo

Transnational Corporations and the Economies of Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative View - Festus Chibuike Onuebu & R.C. Eze

Defective Federalism and the Emergence of Domestic Terrorism in Nigeria - Temitope P. Ola

Militancy and the Challenge of Environmental Sustainability and Social Peace in the Niger Delta - Kareem Olawale Bestoyin

A Constructive Analysis of John Dewey's Pragmatism - Peace I. Osaghae & P. T. Haaga

Newspaper Coverage of Political Opposition in Nigeria from October 2014 to March 2015 - Nnenna Fiona Onwude &Ment Nnomeh & Alexander Onyebuchi Chima & Paul Martin Obayi

Strategies for Ameliorating the Challenges of Academic Staff in the Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria - E. A. Onu & Daniel Y. Gotom & F. M. Onu

Assessing the Impact of Local Government Financial Autonomy on Infrastructural Development in Nigeria: Case Study of Imo State - Japhet Olusadum Nnaeto

Use of Modern Contraceptives for Family Planning among Married Clients at a Teaching Hospital in South-East Nigeria - Uchenna T. Okonkwo

A Comparative Study of Human Resource Management and Personnel Management  - Ugo Chuks Okolie & Ikechukwu Emmanuel Iroabor & Idongesit David Udom

Putting Ethics First: An Appraisal of Bertrand Russell's Methods of Estimating Goods - Olusola Victor Olanipekun

The Russia needs the West for Some time, after which it shall turn its back to it: Vladimir Putin Fulfilling Peter The Grate's Prophesy - Akin Ademuyiwa

Globalization and Cultural Imperialism: A Study of the U.S. Response to the Nigerian Same-Sex Marriage Law of 2014 - Paschal I. O. Igboeche

Re-Inventing and Re-Engineering Mining and Quarry Industries: A Panacea to the Dilemma of Economic Development in Nigeria- Solomon B. Adekunle & Moses Alokpa Fidelis & Adesina A. Maruff

The Teachers, Environment and the Role of Language Skills in Harnessing Diverse Cultures in a Multicultural L2 Classroom in Nigeria - Mariam Anana

Combating the Boko Haram Transnational Spread: The Imperative of Border Security  - Uzoma D. Nosiri & James K. Anekwe

Home and Homelessness in Maya Angelou's All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes - Bivan D. Amos

Apprenti Traducteur Face A La Traduction Specialisee: Une Etude Des Principes Interpretatifs Appliques A La Traduction Scientifique - Amaka Epundu & M.O. Iwuchukwu

Employable Strategies for Improving Human Resource Management for Quality Education Delivery in Universities in South East Nigeria - Eke N. Ukpai

Trade Unionism in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects - Emmanuel N. Iheanacho

The Quinary Method of Socio-Spatial Sampling (QMETH-SSS): A Revolutionary Tool for Analysis and Visualisation in the Social Sciences - Dominique Meva'a Aboma & Bienvenue Moukam Ngeudeu

Continuity of Uli as Clothing, Its Necessity and Power as Igbo Socio-Cultural Identity - Olive Adaobi Iweka

Exclusive Breastfeeding Media Campaigns among Nursing Mothers in Imo State, Nigeria - Ezeah, Gregory Herbert & Chinwe Mirian Odionye

Effect of Macroeconomic Policy on Multi-Sectoral Output Performance in Nigeria, A Time Series Analysis from 1981-2015 - Samuel Olayinka Musa


Volume 11; Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, June 2018



Communitarian Understanding of Human Rights as a Basis for the Pursuit of Human Well-Being - Precious Uwaezuoke Obioha

Towards Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria: The Role of Smart Card Reader - Emmanuel Adeniran Alebiosu

Determinants of Taxation in Nigeria, 1980 - 2014 - Osmond N. Okonkwo

Product Innovation, Service Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction - Ayodele Samuel Majekodunmi  & Oseremen Felix Irene

The African Factor in the Anthology of Preisthood in Igbo Tradition - Ogechukwu Nwaocha & Chris Obiukwu

Effect of the Process Approach on the Performance in Descriptive Writing of Students of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu  - E. J. Otagburuagu & Elias  Ugwu

Which Craft? Re-Interrogating Art and Craft - Erasmus Odoja Onyishi & Uchechukwu Onyishi

Gender and Sexuality: Analysis of Female Crisis In Buchi Emecheta’s Novels - Chika Kate Ojukwu & Sam Onuigbo

Activités ludiques dans l’enseignement du FLE: le cas des élèves de l’école primaire de l’université du Nigeria, Nsukka - Amaka Epundu

Contribution of Public Private Partnership to Educational Development In Nigeria - Abolaji Jamiu Atobatele

Exchange Rate Trendand Manufacturing output Performance in Nigeria - Samuel Olayinka Ganiyu Musa

Nation Building in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: A Critical Analysis - Emmanuel N. Iheanacho

The Dependency of Local Government System in Nigeria; Factor Militating Against Socio-Economic and Political Development of the Local Areas - Adolphus Chukwuemeka Anoruo & Augustine Aforkwalam

Politicization of Religion in Nigeria: The Ills of the Politics of god Seekers - Anthony Rufus

The 2014 Pension Reform Act: Shaping the Future of Pension Management and Administration in Nigeria - Moses Adagbabiri & Ugo Chuks Okolie

Language Corruption and Nigeria’s Debased Political System - Diala Edwin Lionel

Devolution of Power and Revenue Mobilization: Imperative for Effective Public Service Delivery in Nigeria - Celestine O. Abasili & Solomon O. Akinboye

Knowledge and Learning Management: Challenges to University Chief Executives - Chinwe Enyi & B.C. Chigbu & Iro S. Uwakwe

Assessment of the Implementation of the Staff Discipline and Control Measures for Effective Administration of Universities in South East Nigeria - Eke N. Ukpai & Evelyn I. Ezepue

Effects of Fiscal Strategy on Private Investment in Nigeria (1980-2015) - Mustapha Bojuwon

The Interdependency of Direct and Indirect Speech Acts in Classroom Discourse - Mariam Anana

Assessment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) on the Eradication of Poverty and Hunger in Nigeria - Musa Abdullahi Sakanko & Joseph David

Local Institutions and Peace-Keeping in Southwestern Nigeria: A Situational Analysis - Kunle Sehinde Benson & Kazeem Oyedele Lamidi

Dining Experience And Customers’ Satisfaction In Fast Food Industry - Bello Yekinni Ojo & Braimah-Jafaru Omoh

Estimation of Igbo Folk Art and Philosophy in Enugu Environmental Sculpture for Tourism - Azuka Abigail Nzoiwu & Nkem Fortyunes Alu & Okpan Kalu Oyeoku

Chijioke Onuora: The Draughtsman and His Bold and Gesture Drawings - Casmir Nwanoro Nnamele

Exploring the Role of Islamic Asceticism in De-radicalisation Milieu - Shehu Abdur-Rahman Aboki

Uncertain Information: A justification for Alternatives to Classical Logic - Badejo Omobola Olufunto


Volume 12; Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, June 2019



Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) Through Road Safety Management in Nigeria - Boboye Oyeyemi

The Cohesive Character of Elliptical Constructions in Adichie's Narratives  - Terrumun Hembaor Gajir & Chika Kate Ojukwu

The Place of  Morality/Education in Child's Devcelopment : An Overview - Dr. Paschal I. O.Igboeche

Yemen Crisis and the International System: Emergent Issues - Obinna U. Muoh Ph.D & Anthony Osagbemic

Social Work Services Available to Elderly Peresons In Nigeria - Uche, Okala A.  

The Marriage of Ofo-Na-Ogu and Psalm 109 in the Complex Dynamics of Igbo Litigation - Ogba, Okechukwu

Religious Pluralism and National Development in Nigeria - Adama, Theophilus & Okafor Ikenna Emmanuel & Ahmed, Sampson

State and Religious Fundamentalism Today - Oliver Tersoo Agundu & Alo Franklin Chibuzor

Question-Answer in Doctor- Patient Discourse in two Federal Teaching Hospitals in Egbonyi State - Toochukwu J. Ezeugo &Chinwe R. Ezeifeka

Transitivity Pattern in Online Newspaper Headlines Reports on Boko Haram Terrorism: A Study Ofniaj.Com - Martin C. Ogayi & George C. Umeh

Impact of Government Expenditure on Agricultural Growth in Nigeria - Osmond N. Okonkwo & Nwosu Chinedu A.

Bruce Onobrakpeya's Integration of Urhobo Belief System in Two-DimensionalVisual Art  Forms - Philomina Uyovwirume Ofuafo

Effect of Incentive on Job Satisfaction - Ezinne Chinyere Iluno & Aisha Iliyu & Joy Asmau Yakubu

Re-Negotiating the Distorted Culture and Identity in Africa and in the African Diaspora - Dauda Bivan Amos & Great Khariot Moses

The Politics of Security Agenciesw's Control and Election Management in Nigerian - Humphrey Nwobodo Agbo & Ikedi John Ugwuanyi

Palm Wine Economy and Labour Migrants of Mgbowo Community of Igbo Society - Vitalis Nwashindu & Ambose Onu

Controlling Criminality and Violence in Fictive Worlds: An Evaluation of the Alterrnative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms Versus the English Adversarial Judicial System in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart - Florence O. Orabueze & Chiamaka I. Orabueze

Fight against Covid-19 Pandemic in the context of socio-political Crisis: The Case of the North West Region of Cameroom - Mava'a Abomo Dominique & Ejuande Emmanuel Wonomu

COVID-19; Revealing the Hypocrisy of Religion and Technological Advancemet - Ikechukwu Onah & Solomon Chidi Alexander

Education Management and Covid -19 in Nigeria - Okafor Judith Nneka

Religious Fanaticism and Changing Patterns of Violent Crime in Nigeria - Onyejegbu Dominic Chukwuemek, Egbegi Friday Raphael & Benjamin Okorie Ajah

Nature and Extent of Flooding: Evidence from the 2012 Devatating Floods in Southeastern Nigeria - Thecla Iheoma Akukwe




Volume 13; Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, June 2020



Factors Associated with the Unitilization of Tratitional Birth Attendants (TBAS) Among Pregnant Women in Nigerian Rural Communities - Uche Okala A.

Goveernment Fiscal Expenditure and Human Capital Development in Nigeria - Musa Samuel Olayinka esand Ugoji Chinyelu

Parents' Perception of Child Abuse and Neglect in Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State, Nigeria - Ugwu, N.M.. & E.K..Oyeoku & H.D. Ajuzie

Environmental-Friendly Waste Collection and Disposal Using Locally Woven Baskets - Amuche Nnabueze & Okpan Oyeoku

Plantain Fibres and It's Application for Interior Decoration in Nigeria - Ngozi K. Okeke & Chinedu C. Chukuegguhe

The Challenges f Social Work Pracitice in Nigeria and it's Implication of National Developmrnt - Obeten Ude Bassey & Onyenemerem Nnanemerem Peter & Mbah Francis

Secularism, Law,Governance and National Development in Nigeria - Ukwueze Festus O.& Chukwunweike A.Ogbuabor,

Not My Portion: An Apprasial of Religious Responses To The Covid -19 Pandemic in Nigeria - Oliver C. Igwe

Technological Innovation And Organizational Performance: A Study of Dufil Prima Food Plc, Port Harcourt, Rivers State And Tummy Tummy Foods Industry Ltd,Nnewi Anambara State - Nwokorie, P.C.

School Community Relations Strategies for the Effective Implementation of the Univeral Basic Education Programme in junior Secondary Schools in Enugu State of Nigeria - Uwakwe, Iro Stephen

Evaluation Of Classroom Performance Of Uploaded Teachers in Abia State In Terms of Knowledge Of Subject Matter And Evaluation Of Student's Learning Outcome - Ijeoma Awa Kalu & Chimuanya Pearl Ngele

Users Charges And Illegal Wastes Dumping: A Study Of Lagos State Nigeria - Ayadi Folorunso Sunda & Alo Babajide I.

  Authenticity, Revitalisationn and Heritage Terrorism: An Interrogation - Uchenna H. Obieluem and J. Kelechi Ugwuanyi

Perception of the Causes and Effects of Flooding in Agrarian Communities of Southeastern Region of Nigeria - Thecla Iheoma Akukwe


Volume 14; Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, June 2021



Perception of Body Image Satisfaction Among Frmale Students In Ibadan, Nigeria - Olusola Ayandele & Olugbenga Popoola

Perceived Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Child Rights Acts in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria - Uche A. Okala

Examining the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Skills of French Language Teachers for Functional Education - Eze Kenneth Oma

Multiple Dimensional Pattern of Crop Farming in the North West Front of Douala - Nkumbesone M.E. & Tende Renz T.F. & Fogwe Z. & Ejaunde E.W.

The Covid-19 and Exchange Rate Volatility in Nigeria - Abubakar Wambai Aminu & Badamasi S.M. & Sule Y.H. & Adijat O. Olateju

Democracy and Monetization of Politics in Nigeria: Lessons from Edo State Poll 2020 - F.N. Onah & N.O. Osadebe & C.O. Ugwuibe & Udenze C.

Good Governance Panacea for National Development: A Study of the Growing Unemployment, Illiteracy and Poverty in Nigeria - Emmanuel Onyemaechi Nnaji & Ahmadu Stephen

A Philosophical Reflection on Politics and Policies of Development and Nation Building - Anthony Udoka Ezebuiro & O. Anichebe & I.I. Ogbodo & U.K. Ogu

An Interogation of Jean Paul Sartre's Ethical Existentialism - Alo Franklin Chibuzor

Addressing Security Challenges through Good Governance in North Western Nigeria - Abdullahi Bala Ado & Usman Mika'il Usman & Ibrahim Badiru

Population Growth, Investment, Trade, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Five Oil-Exporting Countries - M.A. Dada & O.J. Oyewole & S.A. Kajola & O.J. Oyetayo & B.P. Abalaba

Insecurity and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria: The South East Experience - Mboto, Helen Walter & Ageng, Christiana Oliver & Okoi, Innocent Obeten

Interplay of Geotechnical Attributes of Soil in Erosion Processes of Weakly Consolidated Sediment Formation in SouthEastern Nigeria - Chinero Nneka Ayogu & Raphael Iweanya Maduka & Nnadozie Onyekachi Ayogu

Assessment of the Pattern of Flood Vulnerability in Nsukka and Environs using Geospatial Techniques - Godslove Sunday Nnadi and Thecla Iheoma Akukwe and Chinedu Lilian Mba


Volume 15; Nsukka: Society for Research and Academic Excellence, June 2022



An Estimation of Soil Geotechnical Parameters Using Electrical Resistivity - Nnadozie Onyekachi Ayogu & Raphael Iweanya Maduka & Chinero Nneka Ayogu

Non-Farm Activities and the Sustainability of Status of Food Security in Rural Communities of Enugu State - Nnadi Godslove Sunday & Akukwe Thecla Iheoma & Mba Lilian Chinedu & Ossai Onyinyechi Gift & Ubachukwu Chedo Nnedi

Perceived Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Child Rights Acts in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria - Uche A. Okala