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Society for Research and Academic Excellence

Registered in Nigeria CAC/IT/NO 41516


Membership Registration

Membership registration form is completed online with the following conditions

Membership Registration                       N 5,000 ($28)

Membership Yearly Renewal                 N 2,000 ($11)


Minimum of first degree from accredited University is the first criterion for membership. Intending members are required to complete membership form online. Membership is progressive as follows:

     i.     Member, Society for Research and Academic Excellence, MSR

    ii.    Associate Fellow, Society for Research and Academic Excellence, AFSR

   iii.   Fellow, Society for Research and Academic Excellence, FSR

Renewal of membership is between January and March yearly. Registration of membership after August is also accepted as renewal of membership for the proceeding year


Click to download benefits of membership


Click here to complete the membership form



Membership Renewal Highlights

Renewal fee is N2,000 ($11) is yearly


N3,000 ($16) payment for 2 years

N10,000 ($51) payment for 10 years

With 10 years membership renewal payment you receive the highest attention and benefits which others do not receive. We encourage members to go for 10-year membership renewal.


Note that conferment of Fellows of the Society comes up on 7th February 2017 and only members with 10-year membership renewal will be given this prestigious award.