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Professor Bassey Andah Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences




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Volume 1 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2008)




Ethnic, Religious and Communal Conflict in Nigeria: Implications for Security - E. M. Uka


Jesus’ Political Party Ideology and Political Party System in Nigeria: A New Testament Hermeneutical Approach - Ezichi A. Ituma


Godfatherism and Democracy in Nigeria: Lessons from the Old Testament - Collins Ugwu


Social Studies Education as an Instrument for Building Sustainable Democratic Values In Nigeria - Dan I Mezieobi


Electoral Reform in Nigeria: The Challenges Ahead - Okechukwu Innocent Eme


Political Parties and Electoral Outcomes in Nigeria - Okey Marcellus Ikeanyibe


Micro Credit as a Sustainable Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Tool: The Enugu State Experience - Chinwero S. Ugwu


Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Problem of Negative Religious Fundamentalism - A. N. Ukoma


Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Nigerian Security Agencies Before, During and After Elections - Saviour O. Akpan


Corruption, Political Party System and Nigerian Democracy - Aristotle Isaac Jacobs


Language, Political Parties, Electorate Enlightenment and Political Participation In Nigeria - Godwin C. S. Iwuchukwu


Elections Without Electorate: Perspective on 2003/2007 Elections - E. M. Ushie & Victor B. Ekanem      


Social Contract as the Basis of Public Morality - Chukwuma Joseph Nnaemeka


Religion, Politics and Ethnicity: Challenges of Pluralism in Nigerian Development - Omaka Kalu Ngele


The Man behind the Mask: An Overview of Professor Ogbu Uke Kalu’s Professional Career - E. M. Uka



Volume 2 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2009)




The Transformation Of Economic Globalization Through Christian Spirituality - E. M. Uka

Globalization and African Spirituality: An Unrealistic and unrealizable day-dream - Udobata R Onunwa

Religion and Partisan Politics in Nigeria: A Challenge to the Committed Christian - Ezichi A. Ituma

Global Attempt And Globalization Of Islamic Discourse - Abdur-Razaq B. Adesina

Evolution of Medical Pluralism in Nigeria: The Case Study of Calabar, Southern Nigeria - Winifred E. Akoda

Language, Political Parties, Electorate Enlightenment And Political Participation In Nigeria - Godwin C. S. Iwuchukwu

The Phenomenon Of Globalization And Christian Values - Grace Reuben Etuk, E. N. Nwagbara, Simon Odey Ering & Micheal Ushie

Globalization Challenges and Change Factors in the Religions of Africa: The Nigerian Experience - Ngozi N. Iheanacho

Disproportional Access To Resources And Marginalization of Women: A Case Of Feminization Of Poverty in Nigeria - E. N. Nwagbara  & S. O. Ering

Poverty Alleviation: The Key To Sustainable Development In Nigeria - Joseph Nnaemeka Chukwuma

The English Language, Politics and the Issue of  Multi-ethnicity In Nigeria - P. A. Ezema

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in an Increasingly Globalizing World - Darlynton Franklyn Chukwunonso Okoye

Literacy And Communication Needs For Effective Reforms In Nigeria - Bassey Ekpenyong & Maurice Bisong

The Practicability And Efficacy Of Total Quality Management In The Nigerian Public Sector: A Critical Examination - Kelly Bryan Ovie Ejumudo

Political Leadership And Interstate Relations In Sub-Saharan Africa, 1960-2010 - Christian Chukwuebuka Ezeibe

Organisational Trust: Imperative for Organisational Effectiveness - Fabian O. Ugwu

Youth at Crossroads: The Challenges of Social Change in Nigeria - Ajibade Ebenezer Jegede & Adenike Esther Idowu

Age-Grades and Communitarian Values: The Activities Of Traditional Agencies in Rural Development in Nigeria - Orhioghene Benedict Akpomuvie

Patriarchy and Women’s Agricultural Production in Rural Nigeria - Tunde Charles Iruonagbe




Volume 3 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2010)




Language, Politics, Globalisation and the Emergence of Barrack Obama as the United States’ President - Godwin C.S. Iwuchukwu

Education, A Necessary Tool for Women Empowerment and Gender Equity - M. N. Ogbonna

Consumerism: The Backbone of Ideological Poverty in Nigeria - Olo Ndukwe

A Postmortem Analysis of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under Yar’adua’s Administration - B.O.G. Nwanolue & Chike Osegbue & Victor Chidubem Iwuoha

Towards an African Cultural Renaissance - Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu

Politics, Violence and Culture: The Ebira Tao Nigeria Experience - Joshua Segun and Oni Samuel

An Assessment of the Amnesty Programme Implementation in the Ni-ger Delta of Nigeria (2009-2011)  - Chukwuka E.Ugwu  & A. N. Oben

Change: A Radical Response for the Repositioning of Nigeria’s Visual Communication Design and Photography - John Amifor

The Political Philosophy of Azikiwe as an Ideology of Political Regeneration for Nigeria - Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu



Volume 4 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2011)




Christian–Moslem Relations in the Arab and Middle–Eastern Countries: A Lesson for Nigerian Christians on Meaningful Interfaith Relations - E.M. Uka

Gender and Age Differentials in Coping Behavior - Euckay U. Onyeizugbo & Desmond U. Onu

Public Accountability and the Needs Framework - David C. Nwogbo

On the Problem of Religious Language - Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony

The Concept of National Cake in Nigerian Political System: Implications for National Development - George Christian Nche

Evaluating Democracy and Rule of Law in Contemporary Nigerian Society - Emmanuel M. Ome

Political Implications of the Missionary Enterprise and its Background to Nationalism in Nigeria, 1870-1914 - Kanayo Louis Nwadialor

Amnesty, a gradual drift to the culture of lawlessness in Nigeria - Romanus Uche Ani & Samuel John

The Concept of Parenting According to Proverbs 22:6 and Its Implication to the Nigerian Christian - John Arierhi Ottu  

Volume 5 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2012)




Religious Situation In Nigeria: A Case Of Christian Persecution Not Religious Conflict: A Review - E. M. Uka 

National Park System In Tourism Development: Yankari National Park, Nigeria - P. U. Okpoko & V. E. Ali

Building A Firm And Sustainable Democracy Through Public Libraries: The Nigerian Experience - Richard Ndubuisi Ugwuanyi & Nancy E. Achebe

Monetary Policy and the Informal Sector in Nigeria, 1970 to 2011 - Jonathan Emenike Ogbuabor, Ifeoma C. Mba & Anthony Orji

Religious Groups and Distance Education in Nigeria - Miracle Ajah

Formal Legal Remedies for Contractual Non-Compliance by Informal Sector Enterprises in Nigeria - Chukwunweike A. Ogbuabor &Jonathan Emenike Ogbuabor

The Eteji Self-Righting Trees and Ethnographer’s Epistemological Bias - P-J Ezeh

Women Empowerment And Rural Development In Nigeria: Critical Success Conditions For Sustainable National Development - Adeline Nnenna A. Idike

ICT And The Teaching And Learning Of Physical And Health Education In Secondary Schools In Nigeria - Donatus A. Aniodo & David J. Ayalogu

Conflicts And Conflict Management In Academic Libraries: An Imperative For A Productive And Stress Free Work Environment - Richard N. C Ugwuanyi & Nkechi Anthonia Idoko

Substitution And Resemblance: Traditional African Drama As Models Of Ecology Theatre - Uche-Chinemere Nwaozuzu

State of the Art of National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) Physical Facilities For National Certificate Of Education (NCE) Social Studies By Distance Learning System (DLS) - B. N. Ezegbe & S. N. Ikwumelu

The Child Rights Act (2003) And The Millennium Development Goal (GOAL4) - David C. Nwogbo

The Role Of Art Objects In Technological Development Of Nigeria: An Archaeological Perspective - Chidozie Sebastine Agu & Vincent Egwu Ali

Quality Assurance In Teacher Education For Teacher Productivity In Anambra State - S. C. Ugwoke, & Chinyere Anulika Ofoegbu & F. N. Ugwuanyi

Exegetical Analysis Of Alleged ‘Anti-Temple Tendency In Acts - Mike Enyinwa Okoronkwo


Volume 6 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2013)




African Culture as a Basis for Ecumenism - B. A. C. Obiefuna & Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu


Women in God's Agenda God Created Everything with a Purpose - E. M. Uka


Women and Intercultural Communication - Caroline N. Mbonu & Ngozi N. Iheanacho


Interrogating Nigeria's Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: Reflections  on the Gains and Challenges of Obasanjo's Administration 1999-2007 - Shuaibu Umar Abdul & Mohammed B. Ibrahim


Religious Pluralism and National Development - Friday Ifeanyi Ogbuehi


Global World System, Crime Transformation and the Travails of National Security: The Nigerian Experience - Osmond Agbor Otora


Influence of Professional Training on Administrative Effectiveness of Principals in Enugu State - Samuel Chidiume Ugwoke & Ifeoma S. Chukwuma


African Traditional Religion and National Development - Friday Joseph Adamu & Stephen Dutse Victor


Religious Riots and its Effects on Sustainable Development in Nigeria - Chidinma Precious Ukeachusim & Anuli B. Okoli & Enobong Solomon


An Analysis of Impacts of Telecommunication Evolution on Economic Development and Crime Prevention and Control in Nigeria - M. Uchenna Nnam & M. Sorochi Otu, & C. Iheanacho Agoboti


Mentoring the Junior Physical  Education Academics in Nigerian Universities in the Face of Emerging Global Challenges - Fabian Chibunine Ugwueze & Oliver R. Ngwoke & Donatus A. Aniodo


Towards Expansion of Sculpture Language: The Imperative of Research in Studio Exploration - Eva  Obodo


Ceramics as a Medium of Social Commentary in Nigeria - Ozioma Onuzulike & Chukwuemeka Nwigwe & May Ngozi Okafor


Lexicological Models for Technical Discourse in French and Yoruba: A Comparative Study - Priye E. Iyalla-Amadi


Igala Masquerades as Agent of Moral and Social Transformation - Adama Theophilus


The Role of the Church in Combating Global Warming in the 21st Century - Bonoh Friday & Bege I. Adon


Revisiting Joseph Novak's Critique of Aquinas' Incorruptibility of the Soul - Olanipekun Olusola Victor


Proliferation of Churches and National Development - Rufina G. Ikeazota


Using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the Criminal Justice System: Comparative Perspective - Chukwunweike A. Ogbuabor & Clara C. Obi-Ochiabutor & Ebele L. Okiche






Volumes 7 & 8 (Calabar: Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies, 2014-2015)




Effects of Boko Haram Insrgence of the Growth of Christianity in Northern Nigeria: An Obstacle for National Development - Matthew Williams Barde


Interference of First Language on Igbophone Students of Russian Language at the University of Lagos - Chuka Chukwube


Influence of Professional Training on Administrative Effectiveness of Principals in Enugu State - Samuel Chidiume Ugwoke & Ifeoma S. Chukwuma


Police Corruption: Obstacles to Effective Policing in Nigeria - Gilbert Enyidah-Okey Ordu


Totemism in Igboland and the Challenges of the 21st Century - Vitalis Nwashindu & Nkemjika Chimee Ihediwa


An Appraisal of the Sociological School of Law in the Context of Contemporary Nigeria - Joseph Paul Essien


L'enseignement de I' emploi de I' infinitif aux apprenants anglophones: le cas d' Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt - Priye E. Iyalla-Amadi, & Augusta N. Acheru


The Place of Respect for Culture in the Dissemination of the Gospel - Grace Lawrence-Hart


Waste as Experimental Material in Sculpture: A Studio Exploration with used Rubber Tyres and inner Tubes - Eva Obodo & Alfred Atonye Lamie


The Animus Dominandi in Man and its Manifestation in Political Power - HRH Bonny Ikenna Egwuogu


Religion in Prison: The Challenge of Human Rehabilitation - Ngozi N. Iheanacho


Electoral Dynamics, Public Accountability and Good Governance in Nigeria: A Qualitative Research - Adeline Nnenna Idike


Energy Environmental Crises in Nigerian Novels and the Renewable Alternatives - Chinonye C. Ekwueme-Ugwu


Understanding the Politics of Zoning System in Nigeria: A Purview of Rawls' Complex Egalitarianism - Vincent Stephen Kabuk


A Sociological Critique of Gender Violence in Nawal El-Sadaawi's Woman at Point Zero - Abudullahi, Kadir Ayinded


Theoretical Basis of Demographic and Personality Variables in Principles' Performance in the Management of Secondary Schools - Walson, Ominini Brother Asako & Frederick Amunabo Okwo


Identity and Language use among Sierra Leonean Refugees in Oru Camp, Ogun State, Nigeria - Osita Gerald Nwagbo


A Philosophical Appraisal of Abortion using Kant's Categorical Imperative - John Ezugwu Umezurike & Emmanuel Raphael Ujoh


Artistic Images and Illustrations: Catalysts for Improving Cognitive Learning Among Autistic Children in Enugu - Okpan K. Oyeoku & Nkem Fortyunes Alus


The Role of the Church in Meeting the Challenges of National Transformation - Sunday Idakpo & Adama Theophilus


Stock Market Performance in Nigeria: Application of Principal Components Analysis - Charles Uche Ugwuanyi


Philosophy and the Problem of Terrorism in Nigeria - Mark Omorovie Ikeke


The Effects of Training on Employee Performance a Case Study of Vinal Aluminium Company Limited, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria - Prince Samuel Ezeanyika & Zephyrinus Ifeanyi Aririguzo


Secret Rapture: An Exegetical Study of Matthew 24:20 - Ikechi Chidi Ekpendu  







Volumes 9 & 10 (Calabar: Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies, 2016-2017)



Household Wood Fuel Consumption and Effect on Climate Change in Taraba State, Nigeria - Naphtali Hohn & Atiman Kasima Wilson

An Exegetical Assessment of Joel's Prophecy (Joel 2:28-32): Its Implications for a Sustainable Charismatic Pentecostal Movement in Nigeria - Amadi Enoch Ahiamadu

Contextualizing the Resurrection Story of Matthew and Luke - David T. Ejenobo

Impact of Sculpture on Environmental Protection and Tourism Development in Nigeria - Casmir Nwanoro Nnamele

The Geo-Qualimetric Method (GQM) as Tool for Measurement, Visualisation of Stakeholder Practices and Socio-Sanitary Prevention - Dominique Meva'a Abomo

Scholarstic Views on Inheritance of Distant Uterine Relations: A Study of Sokoto State of Nigeria - Muntaqa Yahaya Aminu

Corruption and Inequality in Nigeria: Lessons from Plato's Theory of Justice - Rufus Anthony

The State and Individual Right in Thomas Hobbes: A Paradigm for Nigeria - Louis Obi

The Resilience of African Traditional Medication in Modern African Society - Charles S. Allison & Gabriel Independence

Caring for the Elderly in Poverty Driven Environment in Enugu - I.N. Dimelu & C.A. Chukwuone

Political Leadership in Nigeria: The Roles and Legacy of Dr. Akanu Ibiam (1906-1995) - Ucheoma James Ucheoma

Precipitants of Suicide among Secondary School Students in Nigeria - Anthony Chukwura Ugwuoke

Terrace Cultivation and Rural Resources Conservation in Highland Regions of Adamawa and Borno States - E.N. Gandapa

Religio-Political Relevance of Ija-Eliju Ritual of Agbado-Ekiti - Samuel Idowu Fabarebo

The Role of Christianity in Nigeria's Quest for Peaceful Coexistence. - Josephine Ngozi Akah

Influence of Family Type on Academic Achievement of Junior Secondary School Students in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State - Achem Daniel Ochune

Evaluation of Water Demand and its Quality in Kajuru Local Government Area (LGA), Kaduna State, Nigeria - Mamman S Jibril & Ali W. utu & James Halinsa Yaro

The Place of Freedom and Equality in Modern African Democratic Regimes - Bruno Yammeluan Ikuli

Unemployment and Entrepreneurship in 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12: The Role of the Church in Nigeria - Chiemezie Ogidi

Nehemiah's Notion of Leadership Agenda: A Challenge for Theological Educators as Models and Promoters of National Transformation - Ajewole, Adewale David

Political Implications of the Missionary Enterprise and its Background to Nationalism in Nigeria, 1870-1914






Volume 11 (Calabar: Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies, 2018)




A Critique of Smart's Ritual Dimentional Theory in the Phenomenological Sstudy of Igbo Priesthood of African Tradition - Ogechi Nwaocha


Feminine Gender Self Defeat as the Bane of Women Participation in Nigerian Politics - Edwin M. Izueke and Ezinne Ezichi Ituma


The Straegic Importance of Job Analysis as a Basic Human Resource Management Technique - Ugo Chuks okolie & Osamudiamen Vera Airhunmwunde


The Church and Poverty Alleviation Programme in Nigeria - Ngozi Peace Ngwoke


The History of the Confict Between Ikot Offiong and Oku Iboku in Akwa Ibom State (1908-2004) - Inwang Benson Utin


Public Private Partnership Versus Socio-Economic Development: Panacea to Achieving Economic Grfowth in Nigeria - Abolaji Jamiu Atobatele


Social Media: A Relevant Synergy For Research In The Humanities - Bassey Nsa Ekpe


The Self-Contradicting God? on Miracle and the Laws of Nature - Jones Otisi Kalu


Does Interest Rate Impact on Industrial Growth in Nigeria? - Osmond N. Okonkwo & Godslove K. Egbulonu


Cookery as Artistry: The Nsukka Example - Erasmus Odoja Onyishi


State Restructuring and Governance in Nigeria: An Imperative for Effective Public Service Delivery - Celestine O. Abasili & Samuel C. Ugoh


The Grammatical Function of Conjuction in Adichie's AMERiCANAH - Terrumun Hemboar Gajir & Chika Kate Ojukwu


Analysis of Sentences in the Book of Exdous of New International Version of the English Bible - Sijuade Toyin Adeniyi


The Role of Religion and Morality in Social Control in Pre-Colonial Igbo Society: Panacea to Contemporary Social Ills - Samuel C. Nwankwo


Public Policy and National Development in Nigeria: on Admission Policies in Tertiary Education - Remi Chukwudi Okeke & Patricia A. Ifeagwazi


Abandoned Projects and the Place of Public Bureaucrats in Nigeria: A Theoretical Review - Chukwudi Nelson Ubah


Misconceptions on JIHAD and IRHAB: An analytical study from Islamic perspective for Peace and National Development - Hassan Umar


An Investigation of Enviromental Degradation and Political Anarchy in the Niger Delta Area - Okala A. Uche






Volumes 12 & 13 (Calabar: Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies, 2019-2020)




Farmers Herdsmen Conflict and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) in Nigeria - Dr.Okala A. Uche & Ijeoma B. Uche


The Media and the Search for Credible Conflict and Resolution Strategies in Cross Border Conflict in West Africa - Prof M.O. Bonchuk


The Concept of AI Selfhood (Personhood) in African System - Dr Umezurike J. Ezugwu & Chinyere Christian Emedo


Theological Education as a Tool for Change in Nigeria - Dr Okechekwu Ogba


Awareness and Knowledge of Dyselexia among Parents and Primary School Teachers in Illorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria - Dr Christopher N. Ngwu & Umah Babatunde Nuhu


Implication of Acts of the Apostles 6: 1-7 to the Problem of Ethnicity and Nationaal Integration in Nigeria - Dr.Okoye Kanayochukwu Micheal & Dr. Ugwu Ndidiamaka Vivian


The Politics of Media Reportage in the Herder-Farmer Conflict in Nigeria - Dr Sanuslaus Iyorza & Ackar, Aernyi Andrew


Ethno Religious Crises and Climate Change - Prof.Princewill I. Alozie


Post Conflict Resolution, the Case of Ekaju/Osokom Conflict, 1982-2013 in Cross River State - Etu Gboshe


Power Contest Impediment to Meanigful Ethnic Religious and Political Dialogue in Nigeria - Odey Elizabeth Akpanke & Dr. Ekpenyong Obo Ekpenyong & Eneji Gabriel Ajor


The Boko Haram Isurgency and Good Governnce in Nigeria 2007-2020 - Ubong James Essien


Religious Fundamentalism and Community Vigilante: A Study of Fulani Herdsmen Incursion in Benue State Nigeria - Isokon Brown Egbe & Abonor Lazarus Bassey & Tiku Oru Takim & Obeten Ude Bassey & Adie Juliana Jerome









Volume 14 (Calabar: Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies, 2021)




The Media and the Search for Credible Conflict Prevention and Resolution Strategies in Cross-Border Coflicts in West Africa - Professor Michael Bonchuk


African Belief Systems And the Plcae of the Almighty God - Professor E. M. Uka


Re-Imagining: Adapting and Appropriating Indigenous Customary Laws for the Nigerian Legal Justice System and Emerging Economy - Edem Andah


Ethics And Morality in Leadership And Democratic Governance In Nigeraia: A Theological Perspective - Barnabas Audu Ojile & Juliana Onogu & Lawerence Achor Awodi


Law As An Instrument of Mental, Social And Economic Emancipation - C. A.Ogbuabor & Clara C. Obi-Ochiabutor & C.N. Iyidobi & Perpetua E. Ogbuabor & B.L. Ogbuabor & Joseph Onugwu


Boders and Boderlands Identities: A Study of Cross-border Neighbourhood Governance in the Southern Sector of Nigeria - Cameroon Border Area - Otora, Osmond Agbor


Kidnapping in Nigeria Society: A Sociological Impact - Ejiroghene Augustine Oghuvbu


Safeguarding the Nigerian Folk Music as a Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of Iheakpu- Awka Moral Folksongs for Sustainable Education and Development - Blessing Uzoamaka Onyeke


Professional Development of Administrators: A Quality Assurance Index For School Administration In Nigeria - Vita - Agundu, Uche Calsista & Ambrose - Iheanacho, Ebere Chidinma


Indigenous Technology (I-Tech) And National Development In Nigeria: The Civil War Experience - Uzodigwe Adolphus & Akogwu Chukwunonso Joseph & Ezeh Kelechukwu Dennis & Obi Chinenye Blessing


Museum Archaeologist: Concept Role And Responsibility In A Museum Development System - Abu S. Edet & Abubarka Sule Sani & Ekwutosi Essien Offiong


Moral  Education in Aristotle: Implications for PoliticBuilding and Development al Leadership, Governance, Nation-in Africa - Anthony Udoka Ezebuiro & Obiora Anichebe & Ignatius I. Ogbodo


A Semantic Analysis of the Nigerian Police Discourse - Sijuade Toyin Adeniyi


The Unsung Heroines of Biafra, their Weapons of Prayer and other Rituals - Uchechukwu Monica Agbo


An Assessment of the Role of Igbo Apprenticeship System to the Economy of Benue State, Nigeria - Abutu Freeman Gabriel Adikwuoyi & Samuel Alegwu Omanchi & Keke, Reginald Chikere


Gender Issues in Conflict and Conflict Management in Nigeria: A Sociological Insight - Mary Juachi Eteng & Chinyere C.P. Nnorom


Indigenous Fibre Art: Strategy For Sustainable Development - Ngozi K. Okeke & Professor Emman Okunna








Volume 14 (Calabar: Professor Bassey Andah Centre for Cultural Studies, 2022)




The Media and the Search for Credible Conflict Prevention and Resolution Strategies in Cross-Border Conflicts in West Africa - Professor M.O. Bonchuk


Muslim Religious Violence and Terrorism Against Christian Communities in Nigeria: A Historical Critical Review/Response - Professor E. M. Uka


From Analogue to Digital: Using Digital Technology to Preserve and Promote Efik Language, Culture and History in the 21st Century - Professor Winifred E. Akoda


The Imperatives of Nigeria's Economy as an Essential Element of Nigeria's Military Strategy and Commitment to Global Peace -  Akak Ekanem & Onah, Gregory


Tackling the Challenge of Contemporary Social Change in Nigeria in a Globalized World - Fidelis Ngaji Akwaji & Christiana Chibuzo Uwanada & Joy Enang Usang


An Assessement of ECOWAS Early Warning and Crises Response Network (ECOWARN) and Transborder Criminality in West Africa, 1999-2021 - Aka, Pius Odey & Otora Osmond Agbor


Yoruba Family Values and Judeo-Christian Worldview: A Contextual Discourse - Alamu, Samuel Sunday & Oluwatoba, R. Paul


Nigeria and the Implementation of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1325: A Critical Analysis - Gabriel, T. Abumbe & Dickson, E. Ekpe


Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations in Nigeria's Fourth Republic - Fidelis Ngaji Akwaji & Otu Offiong Duke & Christiana Chibuzo Uwanada


Analysis of the Relationship between Inflation and Household Consumption in Cross River State, Nigeria - Otu, Christopher Awa


Livelihoods Support Strategies and INternally Displaced Persons' Well-Being in Bakassi and Odukpani Local Government Areas of Cross River State, Nigeria - Bassey, Glory Eteng & Ugal, Blessing Upeh & Nkpoyen, Festus


Etnicity and Elections in Nigeria: An Assessment of 2015 Presidential Elections - Gabriel, T. Abumbe & Alagh Terhile & Theophilus, O. Adejumo


Bank Consolidation and Economic Growth: The Nigeria Experience - Otu, Christopher Awa


Strike Action as a Form of Social Protest in Tunde Fatunde's No More Oil Boom - Utsu Fidelis Ushundebe & Josephat Adoga Odeh


The Contributions of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria to the Educational Development of Akwa Ibom State, 1936-2021 - Gregory Ajima Ohan & Victor Bassey Edet & Eyo Ubong Ekpenyong


Villagization Model in Global Humanitarian Interventions: Meeting the Needs of the Vulnerable Population - Ude Bassey Obeten & Brian Obue Eyang & Ajang Akima Ogar


The Role of Language and Culture in Ethnic Integration in the Eastern Niger Delta: The Obolo-Ibani Example, 1800-1991 - Romokere Mgbowaji Benson