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Call for Special Issue Proposal

The Board of Trustees of the Society for Research and Academic Excellence is inviting Academics whose interest it is for the Society to manage publications on their behalves on the following


  1. Essays in honour of some individuals - Festschrift

  2. Special Journal to mark special events

  3. etc


Proposal should include:

i.                     Suggested theme/ title for the Special Issue

ii.                   The journal for which the Special Issue is intended

iii.                  Aim & Scope of the issue

iv.                 List of the topics to be covered

v.                   Guest Editors, including their CV and emails addresses (5 members of the Guest Editors must have PhD, editors should include members from, at least 4 academic institutions)

vi.                 Short biography of the person to be honoured or short description of the event to be celebrated

vii.                Special Issues proposal should be sent to societyacademicexcellence@gmail.com with the Subject: PROPOSAL FOR SPECIAL ISSUES